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Amborella Bridal

Jordyn Veil

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When looking for the perfect veil for your special day, our Jordyn Veil has you covered. A cathedral or fingertip length veil adorned with pearls from top to bottom. Our best-selling veil is designed to be versatile, so it's perfect for a traditional bride to a boho bride to a modern bride. 

Colors: Ivory

Length: 118''


Your veil will likely have creases from transit when you first remove from the packaging.  We recommend you allow it to hang for a few days to release as many creases as possible. Placing it in a steamy bathroom will help speed up the process. After several days, you can use a handheld steamer, or the steam from an iron to gently remove any remaining creases. Please never let the steamer or iron touch the veil as it is delicate and could be burned. We recommend holding the steamer or iron between 4-6 inches away from the veil to prevent damage. After steaming, please allow your veil time to fully dry before placing it into any sort of garment bag or packaging for storage.

*Veil may appear a darker color when it is folded, please unfold to see the true color.